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Lamar K.

Network Systems Technology
Tallahassee Community College

“The opportunity to stack my certifications catapulted my career and helped me build the confidence needed to excel in an industry like information technology.”


Tammy C.

Surgical Tech
RIVEROAK Technical College

“This program has given me opportunities that I never would have dreamed of. When I came into this program, I thought in a year’s time, I’d be a surgical tech – but in the five years since, I have not only excelled in my career but have come back to the same school to be a co-instructor and clinical coordinator.”


Ridge S.

Welding Technology
Lively Technical College

“I never really saw myself as a four-year university student, but I figured if I could learn something with my hands, that’s something I would always take with me – that knowledge.”


Nobel T.

Orange Technical College

“I’m honored to be helping others find their way and to be playing a role in the development of a skilled workforce… I’m proud to say Orange Technical College is changing lives through education.”


Joe G.

Lively Aviation

“I spent 30 years as a police officer and when I retired, I wanted a career in Aviation. In a year and a half, you can go back to school and come out with a brand new career. I’ve already been offered three jobs.”