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Woman smiling in GED Class

Unlock the door to opportunity

A high school equivalency diploma unlocks the door to opportunity. To that promotion. To a job where you can advance. To becoming the manager. To career training programs. To college. To financial independence. Learn how.

African American and Caucasian woman using a laptop together in their GED Preparation classroom.

What is a High School Equivalency Diploma?

Leaving high school early doesn’t mean your education has to be put on hold. There are alternative paths to attain a diploma by enrolling in GED® Preparation classes, which prepare you to pass four General Education Development tests. The GED® Test consists of four key areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science.

Students in a GED Preparation class in Florida being taught by a smiling professor.

What are the benefits?

  • Obtaining a high school equivalency diploma opens the door to more job opportunities and can help increase your earning potential.
  • Finishing your GED® can help you gain education and self-confidence to advance your future.
  • Earning a degree should be on your own terms. Adult education programs across the state offer continuous enrollment, flexible scheduling, smaller classes, self-paced instruction and convenient locations.
  • One option worth exploring is Integrated Education and Training (IET), which provides students with an accelerated path to workforce training opportunities while working toward a State of Florida high school diploma.

Success Story

"Working in a warehouse was a job. I feel like a job is for somebody coming straight out of high school. A career is your life. I wanted to change my life. I wanted my two children to see better for me. With my diploma and my training, I see my future, and I see everything coming toward me. This is really it now."

— Rashon C.