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African American woman demonstrates her understanding of ESOL class in Adult Education on a whiteboard in front of the class.

Unlock the door to opportunity

Learning English unlocks the door to opportunity. To that promotion. To a job where you can advance. To career training programs. To college. To financial independence. Learn how.

Adult Education ESOL Classroom in Florida - Professor helping two female students

What are ESOL courses?

There’s more than one way to learn English. Find your way in an Adult Education program. ESOL courses teach English to Speakers of Other Languages. Adult classes offer listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar skills to adults 16 and older. Classes are offered at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels in practical communication skills for navigating the American workplace and culture.

Students in ESOL class smiling with professor behind them

What are the benefits?

  • Work at your own pace. Adult education programs across the state offer continuous enrollment, online classes, flexible scheduling and convenient locations.
  • Learn job search skills while you learn English. Our adult education programs can teach you how to complete an application, resume and cover letter, and we will help you gain confidence and valuable interview skills.
  • Increase your everyday communication and interaction with the English language.
  • Access knowledge and higher education by learning English efficiently.
  • ESOL classes serve as a springboard for job and career training. One option worth exploring is Integrated Education and Training (IET), which provides students with an accelerated path to workforce training opportunities.

Success Story

“I longed to use my skills but could work only physical jobs because of my English. At ALCO, I practiced English daily and intensely. One day, my career counselor told me about a job opportunity as a contract processor at a major hotel chain. I was nervous about the interview, but I was prepared. I was hired and now work in a professional setting with full benefits and growth opportunities.”

— Itala D.